A Blank Check For An Unnecessary Tax Increase

Did you know there is a $2.4 billion tax increase on the ballot for Sonoma and Marin Counties this March called Measure I?

If passed, Measure I would add a 30-year extension to Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) current sales tax, which doesn’t expire for another 9 years. Moreover, the $2.4 billion Measure I would give SMART more money without any new budget oversight or additional accountability. It’s commonsense that Measure I is not so smart for Sonoma and Marin County taxpayers. On March 3rd, Vote NO on Measure I.

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Hiring someone who has actually run a commuter rail system before - maybe that should have been a key qualification required for the first General Manager? However did this guy choose to lead this certain to fail, toxic rail project?

Shut the all experiment down. It's a failure and I am tired of paying for it. It would have been cheaper to hire a taxi for every "stupid train" rider.

Welcome to the jungle, Ed

Very generous salary for a one track train and 130 employees.

300,000 dollars.

The sky would have a hard time getting into any of the groups I know about one look sorry buddy go find another place to hang out

Why do they all have crazy eyes?

The far better answer was - and always will be - a fleet of LNG buses. But that wouldn’t be sexy enough for the moronic Lefties that run Sonoma & Marin ctys

Let's just burn money in a fire pit...

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Senator McGuire gave us the “Great Redwood Trail” & expanded SMART by helping it buy the freight company. At the time, many said that this was what would happen, and were called “naysayers,” again.I never thought I would need to reach out and urgently ask for your help on an issue like this. The North Coast is about to be hit with the biggest environmental threat in decades.

A secret, clandestine operation – hiding behind an anonymous LLC out of Wyoming – wants to ship millions and millions of tons of coal from Montana, Utah and Wyoming to the North Coast utilizing the now defunct North Coast rail route. It would then be loaded onto ships, sold overseas and burned.

This toxic train would run along the Russian River and the Eel River (which are the drinking water sources for nearly one million residents), through ancient redwood and national forests and right through the heart of our hometowns in Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, Trinity and Humboldt counties.

Coal is the dirtiest and most damaging source of energy out there. It’s the number one cause of global warming and our climate crisis.

To add insult to injury: This anonymous group has also filed a request to kill the Great Redwood Trail. The Trail, which would be the longest contiguous rail-trail in America, would stretch from the bustling waters of San Francisco Bay to the fog-shrouded redwood shores of Humboldt Bay.

We need your help to stop the Toxic Coal Train.
We must say HELL NO to Coal!

Please sign our petition today. We will forward this petition to the Federal Agency that will approve or STOP the toxic coal train in its tracks.

Sign the petition here:

The people of the North Coast won’t stand for this. We rallied against Big Oil to protect our coast from offshore drilling – and won.

I’m here to promise you today, no matter how many billions these coal barons throw at this project, together we’re going to stop this dangerous proposal and put a nail in the coffin of coal and continue to move the Great Redwood Trail forward.

Thank you for your support. More announcements soon!
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Senator McGuire gave us the “Great Redwood Trail” & expanded SMART by helping it buy the freight company. At the time, many said that this was what would happen, and were called “naysayers,” again.

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Coal rules! Get that train rolling!

Signed and Shared with an active transportation group here in Santa Cruz.


Rail Banking is the Fed Law that was activated in order for McGuire to get his trail- The Great Redwood Trail Act which passed in the legislature. I warned McGuire, who some journalists describe as a financial dunce, that under the terms of Federal law, specifically what is known as "Rail Banking", should rail operations ever be deemed necessary, rail would take precedence over all other activities. In November of 2020, a state agency reported that the trail work, pollution remediation, numerous bridge and tunnel repair work would cost about $5 billion dollars. I warned McGuire in a phone call to his office, long before the bill was signed, about this and was put off by his staff even after I told them that I had been the webmaster for Friends of the Eel River for a number of years and was very familiar with the costs and dangers of re-establishing rail operations on the Eel. I warned McGuire about the monthly landslides on the canyon route. "Now" he seems to be aware of that. Those same slides would be an ongoing problem for his hiking and mountain biking trail as well. What is brewing now, is nothing short of catastrophic for the Eel and the environment along the river, which should have seen a major restoration effort and left in a wild and scenic state. It may be too late, especially if republicans regain the White House from it's current befuddled occupant.

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