A Blank Check For An Unnecessary Tax Increase

Did you know there is a $2.4 billion tax increase on the ballot for Sonoma and Marin Counties this March called Measure I?

If passed, Measure I would add a 30-year extension to Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) current sales tax, which doesn’t expire for another 9 years. Moreover, the $2.4 billion Measure I would give SMART more money without any new budget oversight or additional accountability. It’s commonsense that Measure I is not so smart for Sonoma and Marin County taxpayers. On March 3rd, Vote NO on Measure I.

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Keep your fingers crossed! Election results will be soon posted by county at:
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12:45am here and it looks like Marin has favored YES on I (ashamed of my neighbors) But Sonoma / Marin combined, the YES is only 50.3% which is far from 67% required. Not familiar with the whole process but is it safe to say this BS tax extension is defeated?

SMART getting killed in Sonoma but squeaking by in Marin. I guess people in Sonoma are much “smarter” than us Marinites

Keeping my fingers crossed for the success of Measure I!

Today is election day! Polls are open from 7am-8pm. Make sure your voice is heard. No on I! ... See MoreSee Less

Today is election day! Polls are open from 7am-8pm. Make sure your voice is heard. No on I!

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Looking like a solid fight so far!

Last March/April SMART 'Bored' Meetings were shrouded in doom, then they got disgustingly arrogant. With Molly's tremendous help Measure I will go down in flames. Is there an election night celebration ? How about tailgating their next ,meeting, ? BYOA (bring your own airhorns).

All in favor say AYE : All opposed say NAY. The naysayers have it, Measure I doesn't pass.


In 24 hours the Re-structuring of SMART can begin!!

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Please make sure you vote tomorrow
No on I.
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Make government accountable with our tax dollars. Big NO for Measure I.

Note : both bike coalitions withdrew there endorsement. They where the main reason it passed in 2008.

No on A,B,C,13&I...Yes on D.


I recommend NO

No on you smart


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How come they didn’t tell us that we had to pay for this for the rest of our lives? When we first voted for this 12 years ago? First we heard of the tracks being used to move freight was the other day. They’ll have to have special railroad cars made for the size of the tracks. There different than standard railroad cars! Idiot’s! More $$$$$$$

After the election and SMART's crushing defeat ( a prediction of mine ) it is hoped we don't stop. A sort of after campaign to change the SMART Board and management. Their culture of lies and ignorance is entrenched. Many have scant knowledge of commuter rail outside of Meeting Packets as pointed out by both Grand Juries and the management is adept at leading the flock of blind birds.I have hopes that people are wise to SMART plus the ill will created by SMART from their arrogance, lies, bike path, in-completion and the long train horn/wrong wheels episode for starters. Unlike the Larkspur annoying complaints, the horns went for months and months. There is actual hatred from that..60-40 NO outcome would be nice. Thank you Molly !

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Deb Fudge wrote a piece for the Healdsburg Tribune Feb 26th. I shall quote " The documented real facts: SMART lost $100 million in sales tax receipts not received during the Great Recession after your vote for Measure Q. " -- A total lie, or she misunderstood, the recession 'loss' was only $6.6 million that they say resulted in a $100 million 'loss' of potential bond funding.. Yes, like they can afford the $200 million now and claim a $300 million debt is the problem ? And 'Excited' Deb has it totally wrong. $100 million tax loss would be 2 1/2 years of nothing. She can't do math ! That's not just a lie, it's abject ignorance ! I think she actually believes that. And she has been the Chair.

The underlying issue is that those in charge either lacked the experience or were incompetent. There has to be a better way to run a board. Lessons should be learned when measure I goes down in flames. Then the recession will make the crisis even more dramatic for SMART. They were effectively betting there wouldn’t be any recessions. The CFO Erin McGrath needs to go and her predecessor also deserves her fair share of the blame for setting up this disaster. Everything that could go wrong did and they planned for best case scenarios with not enough funding in the first place.

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