Fire tax over SMART

The Press Democrat | December 7, 2019

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EDITOR: I will not vote for the 30-year sales tax extension for the SMART train on the March ballot.

I live in Sonoma, and it is difficult getting to the train without triggering additional problems, i.e., no parking, several transportation system transfers and time schedule constraints. For me, it would be cheaper and involve less time and aggravation to drive directly to San Francisco, even with peak commute traffic congestion.

Granted, it is a beautiful, well-run system. However, I don’t understand the lack of coordination between Sonoma County Transit, Golden Gate Transit and the Golden Gate Ferry, the SMART train and even Muni and BART. How many competing transit systems must we pay for, particularly since I would be paying for the SMART train for the rest of my foreseeable life and not have equitable or reliable access to the system?

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