Traffic at rail crossing is a transfer of power

Marin Independent Journal | December 23, 2019

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General Manager Farhad Mansourian, who makes $323,000 per year, is quoted in the Independent Journal that, “the notion that we are affecting congestion in downtown San Rafael is false.” He needs to clarify. The train extension is a massive traffic nightmare for anyone west or east of downtown San Rafael. This will damage all businesses in San Rafael and surrounding areas.

Where is the representation for commuters from Ross Valley and Peacock Gap area. The Dec. 13 article points out that only about 55 riders per train (out of 450 seats) will gridlock more than 60,000 people a day in cars trying to reach the freeway. Why? It seems that cars are “all evil” while the 2,800 people on the train are sacred rail passengers blessed for saving the planet.

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